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OKRA is the machine learning platform that is changing the way that pharmaceutical companies are using real world data. 


As patients and healthcare professionals are embracing real-time, and always on technologies, a wealth of data is gathered on drug and therapy effectiveness.  Through social media analytics insights can be gained into patients' experience of drugs and therapies without any need for specific and expensive studies. Existing Real World Evidence solutions have not kept the pace in terms of repeatability, timeliness and cost. We provide an automated platform for generating these insights in a few hours, at low cost and instant repeatability. 

Latest ML algorithms 

OKRA offers you access to the latest machine learning algorithms; as a result we are not limited by assumptions on data distributions and results include all available data points. This will give you the best evidence in the market  and all you need is your existing data - there is no need to set up formal studies. We can integrate multiple data sources for a single purpose. We have already integrated various data sources, such as social media activity for you to use straight away.  


We can onboard your data quickly and generate specific insights in a short period of time while giving flexibility on throughput both in volume and value. OKRA's main mission is to empower the pharmaceutics staff to access and use real-world data from any place, any time and with maximum ease of use, while significantly reducing timing and costs over traditional real-world data analytics solutions. 

Cross domain evidence

Through our cross-domain experience and expertise we are acutely aware of the opportunities and the limitations of decision support analytics both in complexity and performance in dealing with real-world data. OKRA is here to deliver the best evidence for you.